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The Pirate Coast: Thomas Jefferson, the First Marines, and the Secret Mission of 1805
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One thing nicer about Twitter or Booklikes..

On another, more famous book related website I'm sure everybody has heard of, I've had three books I love trashed by "friends" who IMO are really just following the fashion of the day in dismantling a book that also happens to be well-known. In two of the cases, I feel certain they and the horde that clicked like or commented didn't understand the book, and many admitted they didn't come close to finishing even half of it.


I understand if you don't like a book I love, I'm sure I feel poorly about one of your favorites. I DO TRY to restrain myself from pouring snarky hate on your fav book though. On Twitter, 140 chars means you can't really get into the nasty. It's just barely enough to say something in broken english about Bieber or Gaga or post a link to a cat video.


On one book discussion, the *ahem* gentleman posted links to "articles" supporting his otherwise minority view, which went along the lines of that the author was a terrible writer, despite having written books which have delighted hundreds of millions over more than 60 years, and that HE knew so much more. All the "articles" of course were links to blog posts by other 20-something hipsters. I'm sure that in 15 years, these same people will have learnt to temper their mouths and think before they write thousands of words which enrich the world only by telling me that the thing I love is junk, and I'm lower on some literary totem pole (nevermind that I read about 100 books a year, almost all of them far more unknown, literary, and challenging than all of theirs..only hipsters care about how unknown something is)..




I guess my point is only that you really don't need to tear into something I like for no reason other than to make yourself seem bigger. If you're having a rough day, it doesn't help to see that when you log into relax a little.




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