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Three Moments of an Explosion: Stories
China Miéville
Operation Greylord: The True Story of an Untrained Undercover Agent and America's Biggest Corruption Bust
Terrence Hake, Wayne Klatt
Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto
Aaron Franklin, Jordan Mackay
My System: 21st Century Edition
Aron Nimzowitsch
The Wheeling Year: A Poet's Field Book
Ted Kooser
The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution
Francis Fukuyama
My Struggle: Book 2: A Man in Love
Karl Ove Knausgård, Don Bartlett
James Madison: A Biography
Ralph Louis Ketcham
The Pirate Coast: Thomas Jefferson, the First Marines, and the Secret Mission of 1805
Richard Zacks

Sixty Poems

Sixty Poems - Charles Simic The world informs me,
like a distracted conductor
too busy to answer my question
if this is the right stop,
that this isn't
the book of his I should read.

'This is what they had,' I say.
Before I can explain
how I liked it
but didn't love it,
They turn their back,
and I'm left to ponder the rail map.

I'd have liked to tell
of the pockets of verse
stuffed into spare corners
that thrilled me like little else
but that I tired of
vast dusty plains of women and food.
Much like Spain.

But he had already moved on,
hassling some lady about change,
she looking like she was about to cry.